Our self-concept

LODGE Berlin has been growing organically since 2005 within our neighbourhood: we have established a good relation to the people and businesses around.
We suggest fine local players to our guests in order to create awareness for the area and navigate the streams of money. We see our selves as counterpart to the big touristic institutions and their offer. The base of cooperation with our staff or partners is trustfulness and the hierarchy within the LODGE is flat. With many of them we have been working together for many years.

Overview of our efforts of acting sustainably

  • green electricity from EW-Schönau
  • Bank account with GLS Bank (Gemeinschaftbank für Leihen und Schenken)
  • Donations to
  • Donations to
  • Our websites are hosted by (local and social provider)
  • Office supplies by Memo
  • Our garden is designed and looked after by Nino Lettari – perma culture
  • Diligent Recycling of our used goods such as paper, packaging, batteries, light bulbs, electric devices or chemicals
  • Within our possibilities in a non-refurbished old house, we are seeking for energy efficiency by fixing the windows, optimising the heaters and inserting plug valves for less water consumption.
  • We advise our guests of recycling their waste and of donating to atmosfair (or other ecological groups).

Please donate

Short and city trips are highly popular. This is not least due to low-cost carriers offering cheap flights. Providing holiday apartments we also are participating from the benefits of this sort of tourism. Thus we are considering ourselves partly responsible for it´s impacts. This trend is causing a higher CO2 output and therefore adds to a remarkable degree to the climate change.
This is the reason why we – LODGE Berlin – have come to the decision to donate regularly for climate protection projects in development countries.
The emission calculator from enables you to find out the CO2 contamination of your flights so you can also contribute on a voluntary basis to protect our environment. Alternatively you can certainly donate as much or little as you like to Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, WWF or any other ecology organisation in your area.